• Practice Freedom

    You always dreamed about opening up your own medical practice because you know you're an amazing physician with a healer's heart. But, you also know that between...


    • Regulatory oversight, 
    • Payor credentialing, 
    • Revenue cycle management, 
    • Human Resources;
    • Vendor contracts, 
    • Lease negotiations, 
    • Etc.,

    ...running the business of a medical practice on your own is daunting, isn't what you signed up for, and ultimately takes away the best of you from the very reason you wanted to open those doors in the first place.


    You've been led to believe that your only options as a physician, are to either to step in line with the file and rank system of institutionalized medicine, or hope for partnership track one day in a group setting...all the while resigning your desire to provide excellent healthcare to the administrators monitoring your RVUs, and never really owning equity in what you are developing.




    EPIC is your single-source solution provider to helping you bring your dream into fruition and taking back your freedom to practice medicine the way you know that it should be practiced. Think of EPIC as YOUR very own out-sourced practice administrator.


    We have over 50 years of combined expertise in creating successful independent medical practices, from start-up to exit strategies and everything in between.


    Our solutions are tailored to your personalized needs assessment. EPIC may be right for you if...


    • You are curious about whether or not starting an independent practice is right for you;
    • You are ready to go into private practice and are not sure where or how to start;
    • You are between Practice Administrators and need immediate interim out-sourced assistance;
    • You want to start integrating complimentary and/or ancillary services but not sure which way to go;
    • You need departmental oversight, assessment and/or implementation.
    • You need assistance in one or more of the following departments:
      • Site selection and/or lease negotiations
      • Equipment and/or supplies procurement
      • Vendor negotiations
      • Policy & Procedures development and implementation
      • Accounting, bookkeeping, CFO services
      • Licensing, permits and/or credentialing 
      • Payor credentialing 
      • Revenue cycle management 
      • Service line development
      • Marketing, advertising, public relations, community liaison services
      • Talent acquisition and/or human resource management
      • Other

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